What are the different types of QR Codes?

QR Codes can trigger various actions on the smartphone where they are read. Directing a user to a website isn't the only possible action and some of them are worth knowing (such as saving a business card or connecting to wireless networks).

All these types of QR Codes can be created on our QR Code generator.

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By scanning this type of QR Codes, users will be directed to a webpage and will discover the content available. This is the most common QR Code type.

Business card

With these business card QR Codes, a contact card with the details you entered will be automatically stored into the contact list of the smartphone. You can enter your names, address, phone number, email and so on. These QR Codes are only available for paid users.

Wireless network

You can create QR Codes that contain wireless network credentials. After scanning, smartphones will connect automatically!

Send an SMS

Save the content and the recipient's phone number of an SMS. After scanning, you will only have to confirm before sending it.

Send an Email

This works exactly like the SMS QR Code type. Only this time, you enter the email content, the subject and the recipients to enable sending after scanning.

Call a phone number

Type in a phone number when you create the QR Code. When scanning, users will be proposed to call the phone number.

Add an event to a calendar

After scanning these QR Codes, you will be asked if you want to save the event in your smartphone's calendar. By adding the event to your calendar, you will be reminded of the correct date.


When creating these QR Codes, you enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of a location. By scanning them, users will be able to find the location on their favorite geolocation application.

Plain text

This is the simplest QR Code type. A raw text is encoded and will be displayed on the screen after scanning. You can write anything you like.

Dynamic QR Codes

This new QR Code type is available with the Standard plan. Since it sends users to a webpage it is very similar to the website type or business card, but it offers new useful features.

Analytics tracking

Get real time analytics like the volume of scans, the smartphones used, geolocation and time of scan to see where and when your QR Codes were the most scanned.

Editable URL

Change the website which your QR Code redirects to anytime you want. This is particularly useful if you want to start printing without having the related website or if you want a dynamic marketing campaign.

OS-based redirection

Apply a different content to your customers depending on their smartphone model or language. This is particularly useful for developers who have an application that can be downloaded for different platforms via a single QR Code or worldwide QR Codes.