How to scan a QR Code?

Reading - or scanning - a QR Code is an easy 3-step process, as explained in the graphics below. You have to open your reading application and point your camera at the QR Code. It is then recognized by the application which carries out the associated action - like opening a web page.

How it works

read a qr code

QR Code readers

QR Codes are read by so-called "reading applications", which are basically barcode scanners. There are dozens of them that you can download on your smartphone through your stores. But be careful, these readers are not all efficient at reading QR Codes! If provided, we recommend using the smartphone camera or the preinstalled QR Code reading app.

Most mobile phone have a QR code reader integrated with their camera. Make sure that by opening the camera (as if you wanted to take a picture) your phone has no options to read a QR code before downloading an application.

iPhone: detects and read automatically a QR code when the camera is opened

Android: search for the smart search icon and scan your QR code

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