Do QR Codes have a limited lifespan?

You are ready to print your QR Codes on your documents and posters that will last for years and you want to know if they will still be functional next month or in ten years? Don't worry, QR Codes are here to last, too!

Static QR Codes

These QR Codes directly encode the data you entered (website address, phone number, business card, and so on). They do not use any redirection on our platform and hence are completely independent of our services once downloaded.

They will always contain the data you entered when creating the code and their lifespan is unlimited!

Public generator

If a non HD qr code is created via our public generator, it is limited to 100 scans afterwards they are automatically deactivated

Dynamic QR Codes

The Dynamic QR Codes depend on Unitag's platform. If your subscription expires, you will lose the controls on these QR Codes (like editing, seeing the analytics, downloading) but they will remain functional.