Our all-inclusive O2O subscriptions

Simply select the option that fits your traffic best

Max number of visits / monthMonthly priceAnnual price (16% off)
50 VisitsFreeFreeLet's start!
5,000 Visits€49 HT€490 HT
100,000 Visits€249 HT€2,490 HT
1,000,000 Visits€999 HT€9,990 HT

All our professionals plans include:

Unlimited creation of Web Apps

Many different templates available: survey, scratch game, download, registration, business card, etc.


Create rich scenarios for each users profile (language, OS, etc.).

Access to the tags manager

Create and manage all your tags: QR code, NFC, image recognition, iBeacon.

Export data

Download in one click collected lists of qualified contacts and related data.

Statistics and tracking

Get full reports on the origin of your users and their behavior.

Mail and phone support

Our team is at your disposal to advise and inform you about the latest trends of O2O.

Frequently asked questions

  •  How are counted the visits?

    A visit is recorded each time someone accesses one of the items of the account (Web App, Tags, etc.). A visit of a WebApp via a Tag is only counted once.

  •  What happens if I exceed the maximum number of visits allowed?

    We send you a notification email when the number of visits approaches your limit. This email gives you the opportunity to upgrade your account according to a specific pricing: 50€ for 5,000 extra visits until you reach the higher subscription.

  •  I am only interested in either QR Codes, NFC, IR or iBeacons. What are you offering?

    If you are looking for a solution uniquely dedicated to QR Codes, NFC, IR or iBeacons, we have specific offers and services. Please go to the related portals by clicking the previous links.

  •  Can I resell the service to my customers?

    You can sell to your customers Web Apps and other tags created through our services without asking for permission in compliance with our general terms and conditions. For any particular need, please contact us.

Any question? Call us at +33 9 70 80 53 43