Is it safe to pay online on your website?

Using our online payment system is safe and secure. It is provided by our payment partner Stripe which implements and follows the latest security researches and best practices to secure any transaction types.

Furthermore, the connection to stripe is done via SSL.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol that combines the authentication of a website and an encryption mechanism to provide confidentiality and data integrity when exchanging information over the Internet.

This means that your banking details are not transmitted in clear text over the Internet. In addition, your details are never stored on our server: this is why you do not see all the card numbers from our website.

Payment methods are managed by Stripe and securely stored on their side only. A Unitag employee will never ask for payment information or password.

Other payment methods

If you wish to, you are welcome to use our other payment methods (bank transfer), in order to do so you simply need to contact us and indicate your request.