How to create a QR Code campaign?

Knowing the technical details behind QR Codes and how they work is not enough to turn them into an efficient digital tool. Marketing operations must meet several criteria in order to be successful.

Choose the printing material

Posters, magazines, t-shirts, mugs and even toilet paper, you can print your QR Code anywhere! But be careful, the chosen material can affect the readability of QR Codes. The printing surface must be flat for the reader to scan the code. Also, try to avoid reflective or easily distorted surfaces.

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Optimize your QR Code's visibility

You must also consider the environment in which QR Codes will be displayed. They have to be at the same time READABLE and VISIBLE by the consumer. Try to avoid QR Codes displayed too low on a poster, in a dark place or even on a moving surface. Also, it will be more efficient to place your QR Code in an environment where end-users will have time to open their smartphone to scan (this is hardly true on a TV ad).

Make sure a suitable mobile network is available

With no mobile network your QR Code might not be of any use. If your QR Code redirects to some web-based content, the consumer must have access to a quality data network, whether mobile or wireless. This is peculiarly true if the QR Codes serves video. If you know where the code will be available, you should consider testing the data connection.

Explain how to use your QR Code

Not everybody knows what QR Codes are made for and how to read them. It is important to print an explanation along your QR Code and detail how to scan it.

Offer some added value

Customers are inclined to scan your QR Code because they expect to get valuable content. Couponing, exclusive info, direct marketing are good examples of what QR Codes are good for, they must deliver attractive content. Please avoid delivering a digital copy of your flyer, for it will be very disappointing. A QR Code is a link to the digital and marketing worlds, not a content itself. Thus you must indicate what kind of benefits the customer will get from scanning your QR Code

Offer mobile content

If your QR Code redirects to a website, it must not only bring valuable content but it also must be optimized for smartphones' browsers. Most regular websites are very poorly displayed on smartphones, and demand to be zoomed in and zoomed out to be read.