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Thanks to our set of tools tailored to business needs and resolving around the QR code, Unitag has been helping companies to revolutionise their way of interacting with customers while improving revenues since 2014, enhancing internal processes, networking and labelling.

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Dynamic QR Codes

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We bridge physical and digital worlds

We can turn your physical assets into “clickable” materials. It’s simple and easy. Just point your smartphone, scan a QR code and be redirected to any digital content you’ve created for your target audience.

All of it is wrapped within our Enterprise solutions to help your business grow.

Dynamic QR Codes

Unitag makes all your material "clickable"
We make your interactions with your customers programmable

Physical to digital presence

Answer business needs

Explore our various Solutions to see how we have helped current businesses with QR codes. Our range of products has solved many of our client's biggest marketing headaches.

Design and customize qr code

Adapt to business needs

Our platform is programmable and adaptable. Thus we help our clients by adjusting existing products or developing new features on our products to adjust to their needs.

create digital content for customer engagement

Increase your revenue and customer LTV

Thanks to our strategists offering consulting services, you’ll spend less on your campaigns and communication. They will help you pinpoint weaknesses and solutions to enhance your campaigns and increase revenues.

Unitag bridges the physical and digital worlds by enhancing customer journeys via advanced QR technology.

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Creation knowing no limits

Unitag is pushing the limits of the creative world by offering our clients with the most advanced tools in QR generation, management and analytics. We have helped thousands of users reach their dreams.

Offline to Online (O2O) opens new possibilities for businesses

Connecting the physical and digital world.

  • Communicate as much or as little product information as you desire
  • Run promotions such as discounted coupons through games and surveys
  • Connect to a competition at the entrance of a retail store

“Offline” data collection.

  • Create a complete picture of customer behaviour and campaign performance
  • Develop superior insights for both you and your marketing department to act upon
  • Finally, collect data from “offline” sources and never lose an offline lead again!
Dynamic QR Codes

Our QR codes are programmable: You can switch their content from product information to surveys or promotional games with the same QR code.

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Unitag bridges the physical and digital worlds by enhancing customer journeys via advanced QR technology.

Empower your link with your clients

With Unitag, QR codes are easy to design, create and adjust. Our creative and data experts team is dedicated to your project's success and can assist you in every step of your journey.

No operational costs are needed: Unitag provides a unique, centralised, customisable dashboard that requires no additional software or apps to be downloaded by your future leads.

Establish a QR life cycle and choose what your customer can see and when they see it. Collect data through our powerful Analytics and instantly set up your campaign performances!

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Dynamic QR Codes

Trusted by some of the best companies around the world

We have over 50,000 users using the platform, ranging from startups to large organisations, generating over 40,000,000 QR codes; driving customer interactions and generating data and insights through our analytics.

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