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Our unique QR code technology for Enterprises can help bridge the gap between physical and digital platforms. Our platform can collect customer data to enhance consumer behaviour understanding. This Data can be further enriched with add-on features like “GEO targeting”, “Dynamic QR code”, and much more, providing organisations with superior consumer analytics.

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Dynamic QR Codes

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We bridge physical and digital worlds

We can turn your physical assets into “clickable” materials. It’s simple and easy. Just point your smartphone, scan a QR code and be redirected to any digital content you’ve created for your target audience.

All of it is wrapped within our Enterprise solutions to help your business grow.

Dynamic QR Codes

Unitag makes all your material "clickable"
Three Steps to Offline To Online

Physical to digital presence

Choose a physical item or location to connect to your digital presence

  • Newspaper or magazine
  • Product packaging
  • Retail materials and point of sale
Design and customize qr code

Design a QR code from different technologies

  • Select the type of QR code you want to use
  • Customise its appearance
create digital content for customer engagement

Create your digital content to direct your customer towards

  • Survey
  • Online content
  • Social media accounts
QR Code football example

Creation knowing no limits

Unitag is pushing the limits of the creative world by offering our clients with the most advanced tools in QR generation, management and analytics. We have helped thousands of users reach their dreams.

Offline to Online (O2O) opens new possibilities for businesses

Connecting the physical and digital world.

  • Communicate as much or as little product information as you desire
  • Run promotions like discount coupons
  • Connect to a competition at the entrance of a retail store

Finally collect “offline” data.

  • Create a complete picture of customer behaviour and campaign performance
  • Develop superior insights you and your marketing department can act upon
  • Finally collect data from “offline” sources
Dynamic QR Codes

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We have over 10,000 customers using the platform, ranging from startups to large organisations, generating over 2,000,000 QR codes—driving customer interactions and generating data and insights through our analytics.

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Dynamic QR Codes

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