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What exactly is a QR code?

You mean you don’t know? It’s fine! Your secret is safe with us. We’ll tell you a little secret too. Not many people actually know what a QR code is!

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If you’re like us here at Unitag and have a good understanding of what QR codes are, then read ahead on this page as we outline our QR codes solutions and how they can help you with the projects you’re currently working on.

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Dynamic QR Codes

Standard QR codes

A standard QR code is exactly as the name suggests.

It’s a “standard” QR code that can embed information inside of it that upon scanning will redirect your customer to wherever you want to. This could be:

  • A URL (web link)
  • Business Card (more on this in our section on vCards)
  • A questionnaire
  • A feedback form
  • Promotions
Dynamic QR Codes

Want to learn more about how easy it is to set up and use Standard QR codes for your business?

Dynamic QR codes

A standard QR code with far more control and flexibility!

A standard QR code has a fixed URL which your customers are redirected towards when you scan it. This means that once you assign a URL (web link) to your QR code, it can’t be changed. However a Dynamic QR code is different. You can keep your QR code, but at any time you can change the URL (web link) that the code redirects your customers to.

The changes aren’t just limited to updating or changing the URL (web link) you’ve assigned to your QR code. You can use your QR code that up until now was directing your customers to a URL (web link) and now turn it into a digital Business Cards (vCard). This change can now let people discover your contact information and keep in touch with you. It’s a business card without the need for cutting down all those trees!

Dynamic QR Codes


You can simply make some changes that allow the same QR code to now link to your Business Card (vCard). Now people can discover your contact information!
If you choose to, you can use this same QR code that you just transformed into a Business Card (vCard) and make it redirect to a questionnaire or a feedback form. Now you’ll be able to engage with your customers and extract insights from their input. You could even get the QR code to redirect to a limited time period promotion.

You can do all of this from the same QR Code and you don’t need to reprint the QR Code. This saves on so much time, money and labour.
You’ll thank yourself when you opt for a Dynamic QR Code. The benefits of a Dynamic QR code don’t stop there. You can collect data and generate analytics and insights about your customers and their habits. Some of the data points you can collect are the number of scans, unique visitors, their locations and much more.

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Dynamic-Pro QR codes

Build trust with your end users by "whitelabelling" your short url.

Let us explain whitelabelling in a couple of paragraphs. Don’t worry, we won't try to intimidate you by throwing jargon at you!

Unitag’s software generates a Dynamic QR code using your own domain name while keeping all the features offered in the Standard QR code.

Whitelabeling your QR code increases customer confidence and trust in the media you share your QR code on, by creating a closed ecosystem around your brand.

Want to learn more about how easy it is to set up and use Dynamic-Pro QR codes for your business?

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Dynamic QR Codes

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