The 1st platform Offline to Online (O2O)

  • Connect your media and physical spaces to digital

  • Communicate with your users on their smartphone

  • Collect offline data

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Unitag makes all your media "clickable"

Three Steps to Offline to Online

Choose your medium / place to connect

  • Newspaper or magazine
  • Product Packaging
  • Commercial or informative Support
  • Store and point of sale

Select a tag from different technologies

  • QR code
  • NFC Sticker
  • Image recognition
  • iBeacon

And create your digital marketing content

  • Web App Unitag contest, coupon, survey, etc.
  • Your online content

Discover the strength of Offline to Online (O2O)

The missing link between the physical and the digital

a notice about a product, a coupon discount on a promotional poster, a contest at the entrance of a store, etc. Recruit and retain your users at the right time and right place

Access to new offline data

At last, with O2O measuring you will know the effectiveness of your communication media: their life cycle, who are your users, who scans and interacts with them

Unitag Platform connects your objects

Tags and beacons

Connect your media through our O2O tag manager (QR code, NFC, image recognition, Beacon) and administer them from a single dashboard.

Web App

Communicate with mobile users in minutes by creating beautiful Web Apps: contest, survey, coupon, drive-to-store, etc.

Offline data and users

Collect and analyze real-time data generated by your campaigns with our tracking and customer qualification services.

They are engaging their audience with Unitag

  • 40,000 scans for SushiShop through posters & flyers

  • 300,000 scans for a French magazine

  • 2,000 scans/month for a public organization on their membership cards

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