Give a digital dimension
to your communication materials

Unitag offers the best solution to create
digital experiences from your offline communication materials.

Try it now!

You want to connect a product or any communication material?

  • Newspaper or magazine
  • Product packaging
  • Business support & information

We advise you on the most effective Tag to use

  • QR Code
  • NFC
  • Image recognition

And how to link it to
digital contents

  • Your online content
  • Unitag Web App (contest game, survey, coupon, etc.)

O2O : Offline to Online


To reach and retain
through your communication materials


Your products
speak for you


Printed and digital materials
work in synergy


Finally measure how your
communication materials perform

Turnkey & customizable tools



Gather user feedback in real time


Scratch game

Set up a dynamic and efficient contest game



Start a promotional operation in a minute

They already engage their audience with Unitag

  • 300,000 scans for a French magazine
  • 40,000 scans for SushiShop through posters & flyers
  • 2,000 scans/month for a public organization on their membership cards

With Offline to Online, users initiate the interaction with you: visits are therefore extremely relevant!

Per-unit or unlimited pricing

Only pay for the Pro features, or start using now the free ones.

  • 35 /Tag
    120 /Web App
  • Includes Pro features
    (HD, data from visits, etc.)
  • 199€/mois Unlimited Tags and Web Apps
  • Includes Pro features
    (HD, data from visits, etc.)

2,000 companies got their communication materials to communicate using Unitag