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Mobile websites

Unitag mobile website creator is a service that allows you to create mobile web pages in just a few steps.
You can easily add text, images, buttons and forms in order to create mobile pages which will be automatically scaled for mobile displays, thus making them available on any smartphones and tablets.
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A powerful tool in a minute

You just need a few minutes to conceive and design your page thanks to Unitag mobile website creator. Choose your data: text, call-to-action buttons, images, contact forms, video, and so on. It will be adapted to a web mobile architecture. You mobile website is published on the web and hosted by Unitag. In a few clicks your mobile web page is created!


Make your mobile website fancy

Change the Template of your QR Code in a few clicks. Thus you can integrate your brand colors and feeling inside the code in order to make it more appealing.


Share and broadcast

Get in a few steps a QR Code directing your mobile website than can be easily shared. It will also be available from a normal computer and can be easily broadcast on social networks.


Edit at any time

You can edit your mobile website at any time, and changes will be made in real time to your mobile page. This lets you manage your campaign dynamically via this mobile media.