QR Codes actions

QR Codes allow different action types with phones that scans them. In fact, redirecting to a website is only the simplest functionality for a QR Code, while others would gain to be more widely known, like adding an event to one's agenda or connect one's phone to the local Wifi network.

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Modify actions

Besides the Web/URL action, every other QR Code action will return a static QR Code type. Their content will not be editable once the QR Code has been published.


Scanning this type of QR Code will redirect to any given website and the content you wish to show your users. This is the most common type of QR Code action.

Phone number

To create this QR Code action, you must give it a phone number. Scanning it will open the call application with the given number ready to be called.


Give a phone number and a text message to send. After scanning, you can directly send the preregistered message, or edit it manually before sending it.


Give your mail a body, a title and a destination to allow its opening in one scan. The mail can be further modified by the scanning user before being sent.


This action allows to save a new event in your user's agenda. A date and a place must be registered prior to that.


While generating this QR Code action, you give both latitude and longitude of a location. Scanning the code will mark the location into your user's favorite map application.

Recover coordinates

Most of today's map applications allow to display latitude and longitude for a place. Test your QR Code before using it to check if the location is correct.


To use this action, give both a name and a password from any given Wifi network at range. Scanning the QR Code will automatically connect the phone to the network, if available.


This action encodes raw text in the QR Code. The message can be any text, but it can't be formatted in any manner (bold, italic etc).