Industry: Construction - Machine and personnel control

Optimise your resources and construction site management with QR Codes

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An efficient digital solution for your worksites

Reduce costs, manage your resources, equipment and materials with QR codes. Add your useful links in a single QR code, so you don't have to print out plans, technical files and logbooks.

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One QR code, several links and languages

Multilingual QR codes can revolutionise information sharing on construction sites by enabling workers or customers/visitors to consult documents, plans and safety instructions in their preferred language. This feature not only improves the efficiency of operations, but also makes them more interactive and accessible.

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Organise your vehicles, user manuals and avoid hazards

Construction sites are often prone to accidents and problems linked to faulty installations. QR Codes can improve safety and make your vehicles and equipment easier to handle. By transforming safety guides or training videos into QR Codes, printed on posters or signs, your staff can easily access operating instructions.

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Badges check-in, QR codes and accessibility

Provide your teams with QR Code badges to simplify access to all job sites.

  • Access real-time data via QR Code scans.

  • Link documents listing your daily tasks.

  • Get geolocation data and details on every scan of your QR Codes.

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Staff and visitor badges

Badges equipped with QR Codes facilitate personnel management on worksites. Thanks to the possibility of associating several documents with a single QR Code, each certificate or permit can be consulted directly from your employees' badges. No more misunderstandings with customers who don't understand foreign languages: you can add translated documents and detailed instructions to each QR Code linked to your workforce.

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Digital business cards

With our vCard Pro business cards, you can regroup all your business information, including your company details, into a single QR Code. The vCard Pro easily shares your contact details, in a single scan, and adds new prospects via a one-click form. Compatible with all the world's CRM systems, these digital cards will boost your sales team.

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In figures

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Save time

On average, the QR Code enables companies to save more than 20% in staff deployment time on their sites and worksites.

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Simply organise

Use our QR Codes or vCard Pro to group together all your documents and other media to centralise all your site-related information.

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4x cheaper

Printing costs are skyrocketing, and paper is expensive. Minimise your paperwork and save big by choosing the QR Code to centralise your information and marketing documents.