Case study: marketing for Foodservice & Catering

Use QR codes to boost your bookings, attract younger customers and create simple campaigns.

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more stars on Google (*after two quarters)


increase in reviews (*over a 6-month period)

The challenge

A restaurant chain aims to increase its visibility on Google, boost the number of reviews of its various outlets and boost weekday bookings. The want to use smarter digital tactics but don’t know where to start.

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The solution

The restaurant chain has integrated Unitag’s QR codes into several marketing campaigns. For example, it has designed flyers containing a QR code enabling participants to access an online "wheel of fortune" to win a free meal, giving a strong incentive to participate.

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The impact

The various marketing campaigns have had a significant impact on the restaurant chain. Thanks to QR codes and competitions distributed via flyers, younger customers were encouraged to visit the restaurants during the week, boosting bookings.

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