Case study: Luxury

QR codes: Authentication, loyalty and traceability

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2 months

from passport creation to product launch/tracking


less expensive than NFC technology

The challenge

Luxury bag brand “Clos de Bobo” aims to modernize its approach to customers post-sales management and product traceability. The proliferation of the black market and counterfeit goods has tarnished the brand's reputation.

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The solution

To achieve this objective, the brand opted to use Unitag's vCard Product Digital Passport. By assigning a unique QR code to each bag, the brand was able to create a personalised customer experience and authenticate its products to prevent counterfeiting.

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The impact

This initiative had a significant impact: the brand benefited from a more affordable and practical solution than NFC chips. It was able to easily control the traceability of its products and organise the mass printing of thousands of QR codes in a record time.

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