Case study: Cosmetics manufacturing

GS1 Packaging: Scalability and the cosmetics transition

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The challenge

A cosmetics brand is looking for an efficient, GS1-compatible packaging QR code solution for its beauty product ranges. The brand wanted to manage its SKUs, while being able to track the routing of its product batches during national campaigns.

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The solution

Thanks to Unitag's Packaging and Atlas solutions, the brand can now create its GS1-certified labels in record time. The Packaging application gives the brand an overview of the health of all its QR codes links, guaranteeing they are functional while offering access to a geolocation tracking interface.

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The impact

This initiative has had a considerable impact on the brand: Not only did it optimise its production chain but also reduced its costs. Thanks to the Packaging solution and its geolocation-based link redirection, the brand was able to offer its customers a tailor-made experience and gather key data.

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