A Healthcheck is a web request made to an URL address. If the address is "healthy" (url works correctly) then the health check is successful. Unitag Healthchecks watch if the link of your QR Codes is available, by checking at regular intervals whether the link address is "healthy" or not. This is an extra add-on to a dynamic QR Code, which can be activated from its QR Code details.

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Healthchecks don't need any initial configuration. Once activated, first results should show after an initialisation time taking up to fifteen (15) minutes.

By default, Healthchecks will check for a 200 HTTP response status every 300 seconds (5 minutes). These values are editable:

  • The Interval field will accept any interval value greater than 30 (thirty) seconds.

  • The HTTP response status will accept any valid HTTP status between 200 and 599.

  • Click on the save button.

Learn more about HTTP status

These parameters can take up to fifteen (15) minutes to apply.