In manufacturing, standard products can be transformed into “smart products” using Unitag’s QR codes, particularly Dynamic ones.

Using QR codes on packaging, you can direct people to user manuals, “how to” video guides, any relevant video content created by user tutorials, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Users have different informational requirements, which can be created by linking any content to a bespoke QR code. These QR codes can cover users' local, operational, legal and promotional requirements.

QR codes can enable consumers to engage with the content of choice as pre-programmed by the QR code generator.

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Consumers are guided to a user manual or “how to guide”.

Some people could choose to access PDF manuals. But what if some of your users are visually impaired?

QR codes can enable audio content to be available if required.

Similarly, consumers needing more prominent visual captions with the videos can also have that option if required.

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An additional option can be to contact customer service directly using QR codes. QR codes can help you build and strengthen your brand loyalty by giving your users what they crave: a great experience and many valuable interactions.

QR codes can help consumers join mailing lists, promotional offers, repeat orders, company news and much more, creating an opportunity for long-term communication and interactions.

QR codes can potentially assist customers while improving brand recognition. This can result in a better customer experience and repeat interactions increasing customer loyalty.

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