As a hotelier, QR codes can offer a variety of uses to improve guests’ experience.

In rooms, QR codes can be used to access the room directory, room-service menu and order, book treatments at the spa, a table at the restaurant, promote your concierge services or recommendations, and showcase a map of the building.

A QR code can also open a chat with the guests' services team to inquire about late check-out, housekeeping service and much more.

A QR code on the table at the restaurant can allow guests to access menus, place an order and even pay directly from their smartphone.

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A visible QR code in the front-of-house area can redirect guests to a review platform with suggestions. Improving your e-reputation.

Throughout the property, QR codes can be your connection point to WiFi: for meeting rooms, bedrooms and public areas. Guests can be redirected to the best network for each location.

Not only can you make your guests’ stay and activities more accessible, but you can also track and log all of the data and derive insights using Unitag’s analytics suite, which comes bundled with your QR codes. This data can be an invaluable source of information to help drive changes to enhance guests' experience.

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