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How to create a QR Code?

Thanks to our powerful generator you will get to download your fully customized QR Code in just a few seconds. It is quick and easy.

Our generator

Is totally free and very handy. You will create QR Codes in 3 steps.

Our generator is one of the most comprehensive and innovative on the market and has a extensive set of customizations that you will totally enjoy.


1Choose your QR Code type

First you need to choose what your QR Code vill do, that is to say the format that will be encoded. Do you want your QR Code to redirect to a website, to store a business card or to text someone a pre-written message?
11 choices are at your disposal.

See more details for each of the 11 types >

Once the QR Code format is set, you must type in the data it will contain and confirm.
Your QR Code is there!

2Customize it

You can then use the set of tools to customize your QR Code. Place a logo, change the colors or the shape. Add colors to the eyes. The possibilities are endless.

See the video with more details about customizations >

3Download and print

Now you can download your QR Code and print it if you'd like. You can also share on your favorite social network!

To download your QR Codes in high resolution or in more handy file format like PDF, see our Basic plan.

See file formats available for download >
Creation process