Search and manage QR Codes

In order to simplify QR Codes research and management, Unitag have a panel of different options and actions within the QR Codes application. To that end, a top search bar is available in the QR Codes list, and quick actions can be triggered from every QR Code row.

Manage QR Codes

Every QR Code displayed in the list have linked quick actions on the right:

  • To access the QR Code information page.

  • To edit a QR Code's design.

  • To download the QR Code as PNG.

  • To delete the QR Code.

Additionally, you can change the number of items displayed per page with the per page menu on the right. Note that it will affect how many items are selected with the Select all on page select option.

Unitag Docs Screenshot

Select QR Codes

To easily select QR Codes, the Select button can:

  • Select every QR Code created.

  • Select every QR Code on page.

  • Deselect all.

Good to know : Selecting QR Codes helps using actions from the Actions menu:

  • Export as PNG downloads your QR Code as a .png file.

  • Export as... downloads your QR Code in a selected file format.

  • See in Analytics lets you explore statistics from one QR Code or more.

  • Generate ATLAS template allows to edit QR Codes with an ATLAS batch.

  • Add to Campaign lets you add the selection to a Campaign or a Sub-Campaign.

Search QR Codes

Inorder to search specific QR Codes in the list, many filters are at your disposal:

  • LABEL: search QR Codes by label (given name).

  • CREATED AT: search QR Codes by creation date.

  • CAMPAIGN: search QR Codes by associated Campaign.

  • TYPE: search QR Codes by their action or their type (Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Phone number, Wifi ...).

  • DESTINATION: search QR Codes by their destination content.