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Shaping Your Marketing Campaigns

Analytics software guiding marketing efforts

It gives you data and insights for areas not accessible before QR codes, opening limitless possibilities.

Our advanced platform uses unique analytics from QR Codes to visualize your consumers data.

Unitag answers questions like: who, where, when, how long, and much more... are represented in a visual format for better decision-making and interactions with your end customers.

Unitag can help you answer these questions with QR codes to capture data from real-life events and interactions with your customers.

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Our advanced deep analytics software produces data and insights to understand your business better.

Enhanced customer experience

Using our advanced analytics, you can track customers' journeys, understanding customers' lifecycles firsthand with minimum reliance on information from distribution channels (e.g. retailers).

Consumers scanning advanced Unitag QR Codes produce quality data, for example:

  • Their location when scanning your QR code.
  • Their original location (are they UK users, German users and others).
  • What type of phone was used to scan your QR code.
  • Their preferred language.
  • And so much more...
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You can even create a profile where you understand that a user is UK in origin but happens to be engaging with your QR code while visiting another country like France, for example.

When a QR code is scanned, it can record and document a rich set of data points. Unitag’s analytics software allows you to collect that data, analyse it, and use it to inform your marketing strategy.

You can measure how many times someone uses your QR code. If re-engagement levels are low, you can switch up your marketing and communication efforts until your engagement levels increase.

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Enabling business growth through data analytics

Segmentation of data creates enhanced insights

Analytics driven by QR Codes help generate better segmentation of your data. Businesses can group data by:

  • Campaigns
  • Devices
  • Geographical regions (local, international)

Standard marketing campaigns using data analytics can yield enhanced data output to make informed business decisions.

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Analytics can also help you understand “clusters of activity”.

Let’s look at the pharmaceutical industry. They sell their products in pharmacies through point-of-sale displays and merchandising.

Activity is low in London.

Yet activity is high in Edinburgh.

London has a greater population density than Edinburgh. So why are sales lower?

It allows you to start investigating…

Maybe the communications for the product need tweaking in London vs Edinburgh?

Perhaps the positioning in retail outlets needs changing?

You can drill down further into different segments in a city like London and figure out where the lack of sales and engagement is and then find ways to target those segments and see if there is a change in the data in your analytics.

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Improve Marketing Campaigns

A company needs to know if a QR code they have printed is not working.

They can experiment with different types of packaging and printing to get higher engagement rates with a QR code.

For example, certain types of product packaging may work well in France and result in high engagement rates of QR codes, but it may not work well in Italy.

Maybe you’re enjoying good sales performance in both territories. Why would you care about higher engagement rates in one country vs another?

Well, your QR codes allow you to direct a customer or user to any content you want.

It could be a “how to manual”, a YouTube video, a coupon for discounts on future purchases, or signing up for an email list.

If the packaging in your country is NOT working and not delivering engagement, you may lose out on all of these and many more possibilities.

In today's fast-moving business environment, analytics is not an option: it is a must-have.

Depending on which QR code pricing plan you go for with Unitag, you can access analytics data for different periods.

Here’s a quick summary below:

  • Standard Pricing Plan - Access to the past 2 weeks of your analytics data.
  • Gold Pricing Plan - Access to the past 3 months of your analytics data
  • Platinum Pricing Plan - Access to the past 3 years of your analytics data
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