Use of a Vcard

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VCard is an interactive tool. On each VCard are interactive buttons enabling your user to interact with the information displayed. Your prospect will have an easier access to various actions depending on the information provided:

  • Open the default phone application with the number selected.

  • Open the default email application ready to write from the email address selected.

  • Open the default map application targeting the location (address) selected.

If a user decides to save the information from your VCard, a contact will be automatically created within their phone with all the information from the Vcard.

Share my Vcard

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On the tab displaying the VCard, you can display your QR Code from the button “Display My QR”. This QR Code will redirect your users to the URL of your VCard. Do not hesitate to add this QR Code in your email or any other channel used for communication!

Exchange contact information

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The button “send me your details” allows a direct synchronization with your prospect. If he decides to share his information with you, clicking the button will open a form to be filled.

Then, the information filled and sent will be accessible from the VCard’s dashboard from the “Contacts” menu. All in real time.