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If your account is the Owner Unitag’s organization, then you’re the default administrator for the Vcard app. Each administrator of the VCard service can modify to a higher level the Vcard of its organization:

  • Modify general information about your company, which will be the default one in all your Vcards and templates within the Infos Générales section.

  • Chose what your collaborators can modify when creating their own VCard and modify the form that scanning people can fill to share information within the Paramètres section.

  • Buy more VCards within the Acheter des Crédits section.

  • Create “départements” (departments / categories) in order to manage and separate your Vcards within the Départements section.

  • Create a unique key allowing you to export all the contacts who scanned your Vcards via our powerful API within the API section (can be connected to a third-party software).

It is possible to add more users or administrators to your Vcard dashboard.

Users and Organisations

Users who joined your Organisation will have an access to the Vcards app. They'll be able to display their own Vcard and, if permitted from the Paramètres section, edit informations within it.

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All users have access to the Contacts panel, displaying at least their own contacts lists.

There are three different users roles in Vcards:

  • Administrateur (your role by default) : can manage the whole app, all Vcards and Templates plus all administration settings. This is the top of the pyramid.

  • Responsable Secteur: Don't have as many writing rights ad the Administrator (create and delete Vcards), but will see all Vcards attached to his category/department.

  • Utilisateur (default role for newly added users) : default Vcard holder. Can see his own Vcard and contacts that sent their informations back from it. Will only be able to edit what the Administrator allows.

To change any user's role, he must have an active Vcard first! Then go to the Cartes de Visites tab and click the permissions button on the wanted line.

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Even if the user must have an active Vcard, remember that those permissions are tied to the mail and not the Vcard itself!