VCard - A digital business card,
without any app to download!

Introduces your business,

Shares your details,

Saves your contact's details in return

Carte de visite digitale Unitag

Eco friendly


Up to date

Easy to use

Sharing is easy

Exchanging contact details has never been so easy

Send your data and your Digital Business Card

  • Your contacts flash your QR Code.

  • Your Digital Business Card shows on their smartphone.

  • They saves your business card information directly in their contacts List. 

Your contacts can sends their details back

  • By clicking on “Send me your data”, your contacts will be notified and asked whether they wish to share their data with you

  • By accepting, the information registered will be sent to the “Contacts“ database on your VCard Dashboard.

Echange d'informations avec la carte de visite digitale Unitag

With our QR Code, it's simple to:

  • Communicate, exchange and keep in touch with your network.

  • Populate your Contact database and automate your CRM update process. 

Without installing any app!

Present a brand, a service or a product

The vCard is a centralized, multifunctional landing page

Your customers or future prospects scan your QR Code and access a products vCard

  • The vCard can help you push sales, promotions, guarantees, useful links, social networks, helpdesks, and documents/videos of your choice in a single interface (without installing app!)

  • The vCard is compatible with all browsers and smartphones (Android or IOS). Thanks to its profile cover, photos and color personalization, the vCard adapts to your brand's visual universe

More customer proximity, sales and increased data for your brand with the vCard

  • Get analytics on your prospects: geolocation, device type, language, clicks and conversions

  • The vCard is GS1-compatible and also enables real-time tracking for your entire product rang

  • Automatically update any CRM software with our API on the vCard dashboard. The vCard can also be saved in the Apple IOS or Google wallet


By sharing

  • Your details

  • Your commercial presentations

  • Your technical showcases

  • Videos from your business

  • Feature your social medias

Features de la carte de visite digitale

No ads except yours, what is shown is what you own!

Unitag Digital Business Card

A well rounded solution

  • An icon on your smartphone's home screen

  • A web page encapsulating your Vcard to show contact details, custom PDFs, video medias and social medias

  • A QR Code

  • A Dashboard that pilots everything

Prsentation du dashboard

One Dashboard to

Control, Manage, Organize and Export

Manage the behaviour, organisation and results of your Digital Business Card with Unitag Console's Dashboard.

Présentation du dashboard

Without downloading nor installing any app on your phone!

With the Dashboard, creating templates

is made easy!

Your virtual business cards templates will always be able to follow your business branding! Create as many templates as your need per departments, types of work, countries...

Templates d'utilisation des cartes de visite digitales

Keep control

with Unitag Console's toolbox

Animation templating

Generate many templates

Assign Templates to different users groups. Grouping several Digital Business Cards to multiples groups (by country, type of work, office, etc.). Modify users permissions with our administration tools.

Create custom designs

A template to guide them all, or many of them to diversify; Entirely custom your Digital Business Card to match your visual identity.

Animation templating

Switching cards between Digital Business Cards users is unlimited and free!

Organize, Pilot

with Unitag Console's toolbox

Gestion des droits sur la console Unitag

Managing user permissions

Define everyone's role:

  • Administrator
  • Team Manager
  • Card Holder

Switching cards between Digital Business Cards users is unlimited and free!

From the Dashboard, make the change freely without any risk of losing any data.

Keep contact with your network

Each person details are saved in database connected to the Dashboard, accessible via the Contacts tab. The database stocks and organizes your collected data. You can also access real-time statistics!

Our API connects our Contacts manager with your CRM

Our API is compatible with all CRMs so you can automate all exports to your business CRM.