NFC marketing solution

Leverage NFC technology for powerful mobile marketing campaigns

 Integrating NFC technology into your Mobile Marketing strategy

To unleash the full potential of what NFC (near field communication) technology has to offer for your digital strategy, you first need to plan your overall marketing campaign as a whole, accross all channels. Don't deploy the mobile channel in a silo!

What content should your NFC tag unlock? Remember that you are targeting mobile users, so make sure the information they get access to is mobile-friendly and optimized for small smartphone screens! After planning your content, you just need to configure your NFC chips accordingly and place it in all communication media you are planning to use (flyers, brochures, name badges, store window stickers, check out information flyer, etc.)

 How to Use NFC tags in Your Marketing

Like QR Codes, NFC can be a very powerful marketing tool to engage with your customers - if used in a smart way. Here are some application ideas and best practices to best use NFC for effective marketing.

Give access to more information about a product or an event

Use NFC technology to unveil useful and entertaining information relating to your products and services. Make it easy, fast and convenient for users to access your information, with a simple tap of their phone near the NFC chip!

Grant access to sweepstakes, contests, instant win games

NFC offers the ultimate in convenience, speed and interactions. Take advantage of these features to open up a new dimension in user experience and run successful mobile contests - in a dynamic and playful way!

Build and engage your community

Link your NFC tags to your social media profiles and let users seamlessly connect to your brand page. This way, easily grow your online community and build a fan base you can activate and interact with.

Promote your business with exclusive coupon offers

Digital Couponing has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade. Catch the wave and reach new mobile consumers or drive trafic to your stores with attractive coupons and special offers using NFC.

Submit a poll, conduct a survey or run a market study

Collecting customer feedback is crucial to grow your business. Are you planning to launch a new product, get ideas for your next event or simply learn more about your users? Think about using mobile and NFC to reach your target audience on the go, 24/7 and increase survey response rates.

Except to make sure your linked content is optimized for mobile screens, there are no limits to the potential uses of NFC tags in your marketing strategy. NFC possibilities are endless limited only by your imagination. What are you waiting for? :)

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