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Why have a website specifically designed for mobile?

For companies, being active on mobile web has become vital. Adapting your website to mobile web characteristics ensures efficiency on this media.

Mobile web's rapid expansion

By 2014 mobile web audience will be larger than conventional web audience. Catching these billions of mobile users' attention has therefore become a crucial challenge for every web player.

Mobile web evolution

Holding on to your mobile web users

Accessing a traditional website from a smartphone can be a painstaking process: lengthy loading time, inappropriate design, unavailable content, etc. All these elements frustrate users, 61% of mobile users have stated that if they are unable to access a website from their mobile, they would visit a competing site.

Building a website designed for mobile has therefore become a necessity and a requirement in order to reach your target audience.

Key factors for adjusting your website to mobile

In order to communicate effectively with mobile web, it is necessary to offer a website that is compatible with mobile format (smartphone, tablet).

There are three key factors:

  • Selecting essential information to be broadcast on the mobile website's pages.
  • A design that is shaped to the specific format (smartphones, tablets, I-phone, etc.).
  • Using the latest in mobile technology for optimal navigation.

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