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What is mobile web?

Mobile web allows Internet access from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A media for smartphones and tablets

Mobile web involves accessing websites via smartphones and tablets. It is an entirely distinct media.

A smartphone is a mobile phone that includes numerous functions such as accessing Internet, downloading and using apps, checking email, and incorporates elements such as GPS and camera, etc. Smartphone usage has blossomed since 2007 and they are now the dominant model on the market.

Tablets were introduced in 2010. They offer the same functionalities as computers (Internet access, software installation, accessing multimedia content, etc.), but touchscreen technology and reduced size allow maximum mobility.

Driven by the rapid expansion of mobile technology


Mobile technology's success (smartphones and tablets), has raised the stakes of mobile web. Latest figures show that 85% of people who possess a smartphone access Internet at least once a day from their phone. Mobile users want to be connected wherever and whenever.

By 2014, mobile access will surpass more traditional forms of Internet access, for this reason mobile web is a major focus for any company's communication strategy.

Mobile web gateways

It is not always possible to take the time to manually enter a web address into one's smartphone. Users need faster access, an alternative gateway to physically entering a web address.

New technology has been developed to bypass this problem and facilitate mobile web access. QR Code is currently the leading gateway for mobile web. Scanning a QR Code is fun and takes less than 10 seconds.

Other gateways exist, such as NFC, augmented reality, and new emerging technologies (audio detection, motion detection, etc.)

Mobile websites' design

Because a mobile phone or a tablet's screen is smaller than a regular computer screen, design, ergonomics, and content all need to be shaped to the distinct characteristics of this media.
Therefore a webpage that is visited from a computer would have a different layout when visited from a mobile phone. This is why a mobile web page needs to adapt to the format's limitations.

On top of this, a technical barrier exists. Internet connection on a smartphone works via a 3G connection, which is a lot slower than a traditional Internet connection. In order to avoid slow and frustrating usage, a mobile web page's content needs to be as light as possible.

Unitag's U.me tool allows users to create their own mobile website, specifically adapted to smartphones and tablets. Creating your own mobile website is made easy and fun!

From mobile web to web app

A web app is an advanced mobile website. It allows for higher levels of interaction with users by taking full advantage of mobiles' functionalities.

From mobile site to web app