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How can I include a video in my mobile website?

Unitag's mobile webpage creation kit, U.me, enables you to include videos on your mobile webpage.

Insert a video on my mobile website with the U.me toolkit

If you wish to add a video to a mobile website that you have already created with Unitag, simply click "Edit this mobile website", otherwise you must create a new mobile website.

Click and drag the “Video link” button towards the smartphone to the right of the screen. Then click on the small “edit” button found in the section you have just added. We will then ask you to choose the type of video you wish to add: youtube video or you can add a video from another hosting website. To do this, you simply enter the URL in the designated area.

Where can I host my video?

To add a video to your mobile webpage, it must first be present on an video hosting platform. A number of websites offer this service for free, such as: Youtube, Dailymotion or Google Videos.

These services are free and they are guaranteed to be compatible with all mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows).