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Increasing a mobile website's visibilty and traffic

Communicating is the key solution for improving your mobile website's traffic. Many strategies exist, however there are three vital tools at your disposition: QR Codes, social media or referencing.

Use our free QR Code generator to promote your webpage.

Unitag offers a free QR Code generator as well as a number of professional services. Feel free to use the generator to allow your users to instantly access your mobile webpage from different points.

QR Codes' efficiency emanates from their simplicity. Scanning a QR Code takes 10 seconds, whereas manually typing a web address takes three times as long.

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Use social media to generate traffic towards your mobile website

One of the fastest and most effective ways to communicate with internet users is via social media, even more so if you already have a large following.
Publish and share your mobile webpage link on Twitter, Facebook

Optimize mobile referencing

Search engine optimization, and referencing can also help grow your audience. In order to achieve this, you need to produce high quality content and focus on selected keywords you wish to be associated with.