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How to create a mobile web page?

Creating a mobile webpage is easy and intuitive with Unitag's U.me.
creation kit. Don't waste anymore time and start creating your website adapted to smartphones!

Create your free Unitag account

To access the free creation kit, all you need to do is create a free Unitag account. Take a minute to sign up and start creating your mobile website!

Creating a mobile webpage!

Create your very own mobile website in just a few clicks.

From your personal account click on the “Create a mobile website” tab at the top of the page, and start your conception! Follow your creation's evolution in real time in the smartphone display to the right of the screen.
Edit each one of your pages by adding: photos, links, videos, text zones, survey and contact forms.

You can create up to 5 pages for every mobile website. Our tools are specifically designed to render users experience flowing and clear.

Before launching your mobile website, remember to preview it by clicking the button above the smartphone.

Spreading your mobile website!

To access your mobile website, simply click “See U.me” in your account. You can then copy your U.me URL and share it with your contacts.

Create a personalized QR Code with Unitag's free QR Code generator to spread your mobile web page in a fun and efficient manner. You can link your mobile webpage to a QR Code by using the available option in the creation kit.

Create more mobile websites

Your first U.me mobile website is free! Create new mobile websites and take full advantage of our digressive rates by purchasing U.me credits.

To access extra features, you can subscribe to one of our packages.