Image recognition

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 What is image recognition?

With image recognition technology, any image on print ads, flyers, billboards, packagings, vCards, etc. can be interactive and trigger a defined action or link to a specific mobile content when scanned. For example, scanning a logo available on all communication support can instantly open the company or product website. Another application can be to identify a person with a single face scan to access his contact information

Like QR Codes, NFC or iBeacon technologies, image recognition can be seen as one of the contactless "entry door" to the mobile web.

 How does image recognition work?

Image recognition technology is fairly easy to use, for everyone.

  1. Images can be scanned by any mobile device with the application installed that integrates the technology.
  2. Comparing it with the available image database, the scanned image is recognized within seconds;
  3. This process triggers the action defined and associated with the image in the database.

 Are all QR Code readers compatible with this technology?

No, different image recognition proprietary technologies exist and are not working with each other. This means that the QR Code Scanner used should integrate the same technology used to link the image to be able to scan it. Every image recognition campaign is running in a closed ecosystem.

Unitag partnered with the image recognition specialist Telequid to equip its existing mobile application QR Code Scanner. Thus, other applications will not necessarily recognize interactive images configured on Unitag's platform.

 Can I integrate image recognition in my own native mobile app?

It is quite possible to integrate the same image recognition technology in your own app. It makes perfectly sense if you want to encourage customers and prospects to use your own application to scan and access your content. Contact us for more information!

 How to make an image interactive, or "recognizable"?

Any image can be "recognized" by our QR Code Scanner Code as soon as it has been uploaded in Unitag's image database. Take your user's experience to a whole new level - contact us!

 How much does a campaign cost that includes image recognition?

Each project is unique. Please contact us to discuss your specific project and let us design solutions and plans that best meet your needs. We will elaborate a personalized quote in the shortest delay possible.

 How to integrate image recognition in a marketing campaign?

Image recognition can be a very powerful vehicle in your mobile marketing strategy.
Use the image recognition technology to run crazy scavenger hunts, contest and sweepstakes, connect your photo to your resume, your logo your website, etc.
There are multiple applications and uses for image recognition, the only limit is your imagination!

 How to link your content to an image?

Log in to your Unitag account to make every images interactive - in 3 easy steps! You just need to fill out one text field, click once - and ready! Your content will be then automatically associated with your image.

Also you can put any day now. This therefore ensures maximum security, but also the possibility to carry out a flexible and dynamic mobile campaign. Once the image is linked (and printed), you can update the associated content in real-time, any time you want from the platform - for flexible, dynamic campaigns and maximum security!

Feel free to contact us to discuss your image recognition needs and projects!

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