Add a short url

Customize your short URLs for your QR Codes is a perfect way of putting your brand forward while reassuring your users.

To edit a QR Code short URL:

  • Go to the QR Codes app.

  • Click on Create a QR Code.

  • In the Type panel, click on customize short url.

Unitag Docs Screenshot
  • Insert your custom short URL.

  • Click on Update short URL.

  • Finish QR Code creation.

Customising short URLs is only available while creating a QR Code. Once created, you won't be able to edit any short URL, it will be permanently encoded. Note that every short URL must be unique, so choose wisely which URL you use for it will only be available once unless you delete the QR Code using it.

Customising short URLs allows you to connect a QR Code to a Google Analytics account, if you add GA's UTM to your short URL.