Edit QR Codes destination content with batches

The ATLAS batches manager allows you to edit multiple QR Codes in one go, perfect to run a pre-launch workflow with a few easy steps.

Export a QR Code selection

  • Go to the QR Codes app and check any URL QR Code box that you want.

  • Click on Actions.

  • Click on Generate ATLAS template.

  • Click on Download selection to download a batch containing all your QR Codes.

Fill the .xsl ATLAS file

Once on the downloaded .xsl file:

  • In the Destination column, replace old links by new ones and save your file.

Import .xsl files into ATLAS

  • Go in the ATLAS app.

  • Click on QRCode in the Select Product view, or create a new batch if you've already created one.

  • Click on I already have a template.

  • Drop your saved file into the drop zone.

  • Click on start import.

Once the file has been imported, QR Codes will be automatically updated. At scan, QR Codes will now redirect to their new destination.

You can make this process faster by affecting Campaigns to your QR Codes then selecting them all this way:

  • Select desired campaign in the Campaign filter (top menu within the QR Codes list).

  • Click on Select

  • Click on Select all across all pages.

  • Click on Actions.

  • Click on Generate ATLAS template.

Be wary, for modifying destinations this way is only avaliable for Web/URL QR Code actions.