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QR Code generation API

Integrate Unitag’s QR Code generation technology with our API and easily create custom QR Codes directly from your own information system (applications, websites or industrial platform).

Unitag QR Code generation API: easy to use & seamless to integrate

This solution allows IT developers to add QR Code generation functionalities into their application by using Unitag's programming interface. Our API's structure is simple, making it easy to implement by accessing a URL.

Usage limits

  • 1 credit = 1 generated QR Code
  • Hotlinking forbidden
  • €30 for 1,000 credits


You will find the whole documentation related to our API in our Github repository.

See documentation

To use the API you must request a URL and pass arguments to customize the QR Code you want to create.
Those arguments are parameters used for the data, the design or the format of the QR Code. Their structure is based on a JSON object model. Parameters must be URL-encoded (eg. = is replaced by %3D).

The request can be sent using GET or POST.

API URL: http://api.qrcode.unitag.fr/api (responds with a PNG or a JSON if errors)

Test URL: http://api.qrcode.unitag.fr/isvalid responds with a JSON (should have QR Code generation parameters)


Unitag QR Code
"DATA" : {
"URL" : "http://www.unitag.io"
"TYPE" : "URL"
"EYES": {
"EYE_TYPE" : "LLLeft",
"COLOR_EHD" : "8a9935",
"COLOR_IHD" : "8a9935",
"COLOR_EBG" : "71801f",
"COLOR_IBG" : "71801f"
"LAYOUT" : {
COLORBG:"ffffff", "GRADIENT_TYPE":"HORI", "COLOR1":"afc928", "COLOR2":"d7eb67", "FORCE_SHADOW":"L", "COLOR_SHADOW":"b6b8a7"